"I own a couple of bike shops in Mississippi. I was down in seaside for a couple of weeks and had a small crash on my gravel bike. My shifters quit working. I took it to robins hoping they would have a shifter. They did not but robin took my bike and had it repaired by that afternoon. I took it to him with weeks of gravel dust and dirt on it. I picked it up and it was spotless drive train completely cleaned frame polished it looked better that new. When I asked what I owed him he just said common courtesy . I highly recommend if you are in that area go give robins a visit. It is like eye candy for a cyclist. Huge thanks again to Robin for saving my week."

James Allen Phyfer, April 21, 2019, Facebook Review (@robinsbikesandfitness)

"I don’t know where to start!! I owned my own business for 43 years and have knowledge of how a business should be run. Robin is head and shoulders above any bike shop I have ever seen. I always feel at home at Robin’s and they seem more like brothers and sisters to me than store owners. I rate the staff, products and customer friendliness an absolute 10 out of 10. I don’t normally do these critiques but this one I do with great pleasure."

Merle Kensinger, April 11, 2019, Facebook Review (@robinsbikesandfitness)